The Beauty of nature is holy
Like Shiva’s shrine,
Come to these lovely hills
Which fill you with spring’s sunshine.


  Route to Kemmanagundi


  Places of Interest


So sang, Rashtrakavi Kuvempu when he saw the beauty of Kemmannagundi Hill Station. It is truly a beautiful place to be, where the day begins with a spectacular sun rise and sets with serene beauty.

Kemmannagundi is breath taking, with dense forests, ever flowing springs, cool climate and serene atmosphere. The pleasant weather and the scenic beauty inspired the erstwhile ruling Maharaja of Mysore to build a summer palace here. He took great care, maintained the natural surroundings, landscaped the gardens, built good roads and other conveniences, necessary for a comfortable stay. After ten years of owning Kemmannagundi, he donated this land of God’s gift to the Government of Karnataka. The Horticulture Department develops and maintains the resort and the environment. Kemmannagundi is also named Sri Krishnarajendra Giridhama after his Highness. Kemmannagundi, ‘The Queen of Hills’ allures you with her green dense forests, fragrant flowers, rolling pastures, springs, cliffs, caves and thick clouds hanging gently over hill tops. Kemmannagundi is situated in Tarikere taluk, Chikkamagaluru district of Karnataka. It is about 252 kilometers from Bangalore, the capital of Karnataka. It is 1434 meters above sea level. The maximum temperature during summer is 28° centigrade, and it receives a yearly rainfall of 254 cms.


The puranas say Kemmannagundi was called ‘Chandra Drona Parvatha’. Water, gushing down through innumerable herbs and medicinal plants, is believed to cure many diseases, including the common cold and skin ailments.

Places around Kemmannagundi such as – Bababudangiri, Mullayyana Giri, Maniukya Dhare, Kallahatti water falls, all have interesting popular legends of their own. It is ideal to go from Kemmannagundi to these places, either for a trek, or picnic, or for a quiet walk or drive.

Route to Kemmannagundi

Kemmannagundi Giridhama is in the centre of Karnataka on the longitude 13° -33° and East 75° -45° . Bhadravathi to the north and Chikkamagaluru to the south are two big towns. To reach Kemmannagundi, travel on the Bangalore – Bhadravathi main road, through Tarikere. Tarikere and Birur are the nearest railway stations. Direct bus services are available from Chikkamagalur, Birur and Tarikere. If you are driving down, take deviation viz., Birur, reach Lingadahalli, and from here Kemmannagundi is about 19 kilometers. The roads are well maintained, so whichever the mode of transport, the journey promises to be comfortable.


Kemmannagundi provides accommodation to suit various budgets. Dattatri Bhavan, Vana Darshinki, Narayana Kuteera, Budan Giri lodge, Virupaksha lodge, Dhoopada Giri lodge, Kallahatti lodge, etc., are some of the places tourists can enjoy staying.

There is a vegetarian and a non-vegetarian restaurant. For those who prefer to cook themselves, utensils are available.

Medical, postal, telegraph and telephone facilities are available.

Places of interest

Kemmannagundi, called ‘The Ooty of Karnataka’ has many beautiful places in and around.

Kallahatti Falls and Temple

10 kilometers from Kemmannagundi, the water falls from a height of 150 feet. Lord  Veerabhadreshwara is worshipped in a cave, formed by huge boulders. It is believed that the cave was formed during the reign of Krishna Devaraya.                        


Hebbe Falls

8 kilometers from Kemmannagundi, water rushes down from a height of 250 feet and is called Dodda Hebbe (Big falls) and another which rushes from 200 feet high is called Chikka Hebbe (Small Falls). A dip in the clean, and herbal enriched water can be refreshing. The cascade of water is surrounded by dense forests and coffee plantations.

Honnamma Falls

This is about 24 kilometers from Kemmannagundi, it is called Manikyda Dhare because the water falls as gently as a pearl drop. Legend also says that the fall was named after the saint Manikya Dhara.

Shanthi Falls

This is 1 kilometer from Hill Station.


Bababudangiri is 24 kilometers from Kemmannagundi. It is situated 1864 meters above sea level. It also looks like a crescent moon.

This place is worshipped as the Mecca of the South by Muslims as the Tomb of Hajarat Dada Hayath Mir Kalandar is in the cave of this mountain. The Hindus too worship this place as ‘Dattatreoya Peeta’.

Bababudan giri is also famous for coffee plantations. The first coffee plant was said to have been brought here by Hajarat Jamal Ullash Magarbi Bagada Diwali Khadri from Arabia. Mullayyana Giri near Bababudangiri is the tallest hill in Karnataka. It is 6,317 feet high. Another hill called the Kallahatta Giri is 6,115 feet high.

Horse way

A small narrow way in the creek of the hill is called the Horse way as the Maharajas used to go horse back riding here to view the spectacular sun rise and sun set.

Jagara Pass & Jagara Valley

16 kilometers from Kemmannagundi, it is a beautiful green avenue. For wildlife lovers and enthusiasts, it is an ideal place to trek.

Shankar Sholapradesha

5 kilometers from Kemmannagundi, the Horticulture Department has been producing true potato seeds in an area of 5 acres. In addition, various fruits, flowers and vegetables are also grown here.


For enquiries and booking contact:-


Horticulture Department, Lalbagh, Bangalore-560004

Telephone: 080-26579231

(Between March 15 to July 15)


Special Officer

Krishnarajendra Hill Station, Kemmannagundi Post,

Tarikere Taluk, Chickmagalur district.

Telephone: 08261-237126

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