Micro Irrigation Management Software (MIMS)

 2015-16 Micro Irrigation Online Entry is opened for Taluka users. Please read the following instruction before uploading the new application

  • Taluka users  to enter the farmer's details in the 'Micro Irrigation Entry' menu

  • After entering the details,  click on 'Seniority No' in the 'Microirrigation status'

  • Enter the other details and upload the 6 documents viz; 1. Application form, 2.RTC, 3.Check Bandi, 4.Invoice, 5.Field inspection report and 6.Design (also download the GPS data to Android mobile phone and upload the GPS photo of the Farmer field- the mobile application will be ready in another 3-4 days and training will be given)

  • For those Applications of 2013-14 and 2014-15, which were already uploaded and Work Order not given, the taluka users should upload additional 2 documents viz; 1. Inspection Report and 2. Design along with GPS photo

Instruction to enter Unique code : In the 'File No' text box of entry form, please enter the 10 digit Unique code in the following format.

If the Taluka user is 'Molakalmuru of Chitradurga and Hobli is Devasamudra and file no. is 1, then the unique code will be