District Profile - Mandya

Mandya district is one of the maidan districts of the state having a historical background. In this district rivers like Cauvery, Hemavathi, Lokapavani, Veeravaishnavi River flow towards eastern side. The first sugar factory of the state is located in Mandya city. Mandya has seven Taluks, 31 hoblies, 365 inhabited villages, 227 Gram Panchayats. The climate is suitable for growing various horticultural crops. Farmers are cultivating Coconut, Arecanut, Banana and Beetlevine from very long time and traditionally certain fruit and vegetable crops are being cultivated in the district. The area under horticultural crops is increasing year by year.

Horticulture Area & Production

Major Crops Area Production
Fruits 14106 283631
Vegetables 15114 343736
Spices 2305 11176
Plantations 45023 3431
Commercial Flowers 1347 12435
Medicinal Plants 33 0
Aromatic Plants    
Total 77928 654409