District Profile - Koppal

Koppal was created out of Easter wile Raichur district and came into existence on 1.11.1997.  Koppal district is naturally a maiden area and consists of Koppal, Gangavathi, Kustagi and Yelburga taluks.  These areas are rocky areas with soil types like red sandy soils, black soils etc.  Gangavathi and part of Koppal taluk are getting irrigation through Tungabhadra canals. Soil and climatic factors are most suitable for cultivation of horticultural crops and in recent days farmers are evincing keen interest in its cultivation. 

Horticulture Area & Production

Major Crops Area Production
Fruits 12021 242196
Vegetables 8810 149649
Spices 410 1380
Plantations 1580 107
Commercial Flowers 421 2934
Medicinal Plants 176 712
Aromatic Plants    
Total 23418 396978