District Profile - Kodagu

Kodagu is the smallest District in Karnataka State comprising of only three Taluks. These are Madekeri, Virajpet and Somavarpet. The district extends up to 96 km from north to South and 64 km from East to west. It is one of the important horticultural district of the state. The Commercial Crops of the district are Coffee, Coconut, Black Pepper, Cardamom, Ginger. Among Fruit Crops Sweet Orange, Mango, Banana and Sapota are the important ones. In recent days farmers are evincing interest in the cultivation of Anthuriums,  Medicinal and Aromatic Crops.

Horticulture Area & Production

Major Crops Area Production
Fruits 3042 73255
Vegetables 330 6425
Spices 19808 29780
Plantations 8309 8206
Commercial Flowers 2 20
Medicinal Plants    
Aromatic Plants    
Total 31491 117686

Horticulture Related Industries/Nurseries/Organization etc.