District Profile - Haveri

Haveri district was created by dividing Dharwad and it came into existence on 1-11-1997.  Haveri is situated on the northern part of the state and it is a Semi Malnad Area.  Rivers like Varada, Tungabhadra flow through this district.  The district has a textile red and black soils.  The climate of the district is congenial for cultivation of the horticultural crop.  The production of vegetable and vegetable seeds in the taluk the highest in the state.  About 50-60 companies are engaged in seed production programme.  Recently, Vanilla and Patchouli are being cultivated.  Haveri is a model district for horticultureal activities and there is a need to give increased attention to production of export quality products.  Haveri district world famous for its Byadagi Chillies.

Horticulture Area & Production

Major Crops Area Production
Fruits 8895 169726
Vegetables 29002 619463
Spices 31124 61918
Plantations 6745 2006
Commercial Flowers 2558 20085
Medicinal Plants    
Aromatic Plants    
Total 78324 873198

Horticulture Related Industries/Nurseries/Organization etc.