District Profile - Bellary

Bellary is situated in the center of eastern part of the state.  This district is categories as a dry zone and Tungabhadra is the major river of the district.  The tributaries are Hagari and Chikkahagari.  Hagaribommanahalli, Koodligi, Sandur, Hospet and Hoovinahadagali taluks of the district has sandy and red loamy soils which is suitable for cultivation of horticulture crops.  Whereas Bellary and Siruguppa taluks have black soil and chilly is the major crop.  Mango, Pomegranate, tissue cultured Banana, Fig, Jasmine and Onions are the other major horticulture crops.   

Horticulture Area & Production

Major Crops Area Production
Fruits 9480 193059
Vegetables 9999 147216
Spices 15256 28801
Plantations 2989 579
Commercial Flowers 1832 7069
Medicinal Plants 715 229
Aromatic Plants    
Total 40271 376953

Horticulture Related Industries/Nurseries/Organization etc.