District Profile - Belgaum

The Belgaum district is situated in the northern part of the state and has an area of 13415 sq.kms and stands fifth in area in the state.  Geographically, the district would be divided into 3 parts.  (1) Hilly Zone, (2) North-Transitional Zone (3) North Dry Zone.  Medium to deep black soils is found in major area of the district.
Major rivers like Krishna, Malaprabha, Ghataprabha flow through this district. different types of soils, climatic factors and irrigation facilities have created favourable conditions for extensive cultivation of horticulture crops.  Belgaum is one of the 3-4 districts in the northern Karnataka where horticulture crops are created extensively.  Hi-tech floriculture has gained prominence in recent years. In totality, this district is ideally
suited for cultivation of horticulture crops.

Horticulture Area & Production

Major Crops Area Production
Fruits 12716 232775
Vegetables 35795 718063
Spices 5589 29985
Plantations 11192 8801
Commercial Flowers 960 8673
Medicinal Plants 90 180
Aromatic Plants 6 22
Total 66348 998499

Horticulture Related Industries/Nurseries/Organization etc.


Cold Storage Units

Name & Address Capacity Commodities Stored
Bharaphawala &Company,239/4, Mahathma Phule Road, Shahapura,Belgam

500 MT

Tamarind, BatateApple, Orange, Moosambi.& Flower Seeds
Shakthi Agro Cold Storage, E/2,B.K.Kangrali,Industrial Estate, Belgam


Tamarind, BatateApple, Orange, Moosambi.& Flower Seeds


Processing Industries

Name & Address Commodities Stored
M/s Dada Winers, Belgaum Wine


Seed Producing Companies

Name & Address

M/s Shree Siddeshwar Agencies, 4011, Kakativies Roadun, BELGAUM Phone :0831-2460019


Bio-Control Agents/Bio-Fertilizer Producing Units

Name & Address

M/s Murkumbhi Bioagro Pvt.Ltd., BC-105, Heavy look Road,  Contonment, BELGAUM


Farms & Nurseries

  • Public Nursery

Sl. No.  Name & Address of the nursery Proprietor of nursery Year of Establishment Annual Production capacity Crop/variety propagated
1 Model fruit nursery at ARS Kanabargi Dr. R. C. Jagadeesha, Assoc. Prof.,
KRCCH, Arabhavi., Ph; 9480696397
2006-07 1 lakh (nos.) Mango/Sapota
2 Model fruit nursery at Arabhavi Dr. G.S.K. Swamy,
Assoc. Prof.,
KRCCH, Arabhavi. Ph:9480222488
2006-07 2 lakh (nos.) Mango, sapota, guava, jamun, and minor fruit crops


  • Private Nursery

Sl. No.  Name & Address of the nursery Proprietor of nursery Year of Establishment Annual Production capacity Crop/variety propagated
1 Patil Nursery, Vill: Hulikottal, Tq: Khanapaur. Vittal Patil,
Ph: 9008375044
2009-10 50,000 Mango, Sapota, Cashew
2 Bharat Nursery, Khanapur, Tq: Khanapur Satish Joshi 2006-07 20,000 Mango, Sapota
3 Amarkunj Nursery, Vill:Asoga, Tq; Khanapur Prasad Manerikar,
2005-06 20,000 Mango, aonla,Jamun
4 Lobo Nursery, Vill:Beedi, Tq: Khanapur John Lobo,
2009-10 50,000 Mango, Cashew
5 Sai Nursery, Vill: Hidkal Dam,, Tq: Hukkeri Nagesh Gauti,
2007-08 50,000 Mango, Sapota.
6 Ravi Nursery, Vill:Kittur, Tq: Bailhongal Shaikh,
  1,00,000 Mango, Sapota, Coconut, 
7 Beerdevar Nursery, Vill:Arabhavi., Tq: Gokak Ramesh Shedbal,
  40,000 Mango, Sapota, Coconut.
8 Basaveshwar Nursery, Vill: Kalabhavi. Tq: Baihongal Basavaraj Somanatti  2007-08 50,000 Mango